SINCE 1891


We contribute to the world through the textiles.

Since 1891 we have produced synthetic woven fabrics in mainly polyester and nylon fibers.Thanks to our long term dedicated history, we could produce fabrics for high sensitive fashion which requires the delicate texture and hand-touch and ones for the cutting edge industry material which requires accurate specification. Both sectors ask us high quality and advanced skill. We continue developing and producing fabrics which meet the demands of the time and commit contributing to the world through the textiles.


For the most of people, the word “Textile” is associated with the cloth for clothing or Kimono in the first place. It is said the woven fabrics were born about 10,000 years ago at the time from the end of the Old Stone Age to the beginning of New Stone Age. In order to make clothing and daily necessities, the weaving technique became essential for our life and it was expanded to all over the world to be major industry. People used such natural fibers as linen, cotton, wool and silk. While the time went by, we received industrial revolution, the invention of the synthetic fibers and the advanced technology, which brought us mass production. Nowadays the usage of the textile become various and it is connected to every part of our daily life. We could say that we can’t live without textiles!


We utilize own integrated production system including yarn twisting process, warping process, and weaving process for the better quality control.Our production capability to cope with wide variety of weavings is supported by our technical skill cultivated over a long period of our company history. We set up the ideal bulk production system depending on the type of products while we test in advance through the pilot production facility.And we acquired FSSC 22000 certification in May 2016. This is the recognition of an international standard for food safety. We carry out thorough international standard sanitation management for the production line of the food packaging fabrics.


Our company was founded in 1891 with the production of silk woven fabrics for clothing. Afterwards we proactively challenged new textiles made of such fibers as Rayon, Cupra, Nylon, Polyester, etc. and successfully grew through the production of mainly thin woven fashion textiles with sensitive textures for export market. Since 1980’s we have done various challenges to weave aramid fibers, carbon fibers, etc. for industrial fabrics based on our knowledge from sensitive fashion textiles in order to diverse our business.

Hosokawa-Tex, Inc. has received FSSC 22000 certification on the production line of food packaging fabric.

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