Our company was founded in 1891 with the production of silk woven fabrics for clothing. Afterwards we proactively challenged new textiles made of such fibers as Rayon, Cupra, Nylon, Polyester, etc. and successfully grew through the production of mainly thin woven fashion textiles with sensitive textures for export market. Since 1980’s we have done various challenges to weave aramid fibers, carbon fibers, etc. for industrial fabrics based on our knowledge from sensitive fashion textiles in order to diverse our business.

Company Name Hosokawa-Tex, Inc.
Established in 1891
Representative Yasuo Hosokawa
Number of Employees 159 (in April 2021)
Business Contents Weaving, scouring and dyeing of synthetic and natural fibers.
Company Address 1 Shoin, Kamiich-machi, Toyama
930-0395 Japan

The exterior of the head office around 1971.

Group photograph of staffs in 1907.



1891 It was established under the name of ‘Hosokawa Kigyo-jo’, and started manufacturing silk fabric (Habutae) for the export market.
1915 Conversion to weaving crepe-de-chine.
1917 Kamiichi factory established in Kamiichi-machi.
1920 Scouring factory was newly established and the integrated production system of silk & rayon fabrics for the export market was completed.
1932 Success of development of georgette using Bemberg (cupra).
1935 Dyeing factory established in the site of scouring factory.
1935 Fire destroyed the major part of Kamiichi factory, scouring factory, and dyeing factory.
1936 Branch factory (Terada factory) established in Tateyama-cho.
1948 Company reorganized to Hosokawa Kigyo (Hosokawa-tex, Inc.).
1954 Start of manufacturing nylon fabric. Success of development of crepe-de-chine made of nylon.
1955 Acquisition of patent for manufacturing method of crepe fabric made of synthetic fiber.
1958 Start of manufacturing Tetoron (polyester) fabric.
1964 Otosugi factory established in Kamiichi-machi. The first phase of construction work was completed.
1967 Scouring factory established in the site of Otosugi factory.
1969 The Emperor and Empress visited our company to inspect our manufacturing system when they visited Toyama prefecture for the 20th national tree planting ceremony.
1970 80th anniversary memorial ceremony.
1974 Production equipment in Kamiichi factory removed and relocated to Otosugi factory.
1985 Start of manufacturing aramid fiber fabric.
1990 100th anniversary memorial ceremony.
1990 Technical support for Toray Textiles Europe Ltd.
1996 Start of manufacturing carbon fiber fabric.
2005 Start of manufacturing textile for tea bag.
2009 Start of manufacturing carbonized fiber fabric.
2009 Start of manufacturing insect screen
2011 Start of manufacturing agricultural net.
2011 Start of manufacturing base fabric for tile carpet.
2015 Start of manufacturing Washi-Cloth.
2016 Acquisition of FSSC22000 on the production line of textile for tea bag.
2018 Foundation of ORIGAMIX: project for end products of Washi-Cloth. Start of sales of Washi slip-on sneakers. 
2018 ORIGAMIX’s Washi slip-on sneakers won the Good Design Award.

Hosokawa-Tex, Inc. has received FSSC 22000 certification on the production line of food packaging fabric.

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